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I am Sandie Bakowski, an organisational psychologist who helps organisations adopt new mindsets, behaviours and ways of working for a different world of work.

Making Change Happen is a collective of like-minded change agents, coaches and psychologists. We help organisations manage change, working with them to adopt new mindsets and behaviours. In short, we give them a different way of working, and help make teams the best they can be. We do this through conversation, away days and learning programmes.

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In business, change of any kind can be tough. There’s a lot of psychology involved in getting it right, and getting your people to buy in to it. We pride ourselves on being a different type of transformation partner, because all the work we do with clients is to help us understand you better. So if you’re facing a tricky people challenge, we can help.

We’ll start by understanding what you need to make change happen. Then we’ll design a learning programme that does just that. That’s what we’re really good at – getting to the bottom of your needs so we can bring in the skills to meet them.

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