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We work to change team cultures so that inclusivity, collaboration and teamwork are embraced. Through conversations and coaching we help teams to be their very best.

I am Sandie Bakowski, an Organisational Psychologist and also founder of Making Change Happen. 

Making Change Happen brings together a collection of independent psychologists, change agents and creatives, who have spent years helping leaders like you introduce new behaviours and ways of working. Equipping you and your team with the specialist skills you need to create a real difference. 

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Changing people’s behaviours and ways of working isn’t easy. There’s a lot of psychology involved in getting it right. We act as your guides in that, helping you see what’s going on beneath the surface. Using our unique combination of skills we will reveal what can bring about change in your organisation. And how to make it stick.


1.  Changing team identities

Understanding your social norms and resetting them to ones suited for an inclusive and collaborative workplace where teams thrive.

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2. Thriving teams

Unleashing the power of diverse thinking in your organisation, so people can speak openly to come up with creative ideas to complex problems.

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3. Workshop conversations

Gives space for teams to reflect online or in person on the work culture and behaviours. Enabling safe but candid examinations of the way we do things and what needs to change. 

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4. Online academy

Combining online learning within a wider programme of change. Allowing learning to be totally flexible and at times that work best for your team.

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What working with us is like

  • "It's a way of engaging with a complex subject that quite cleverly goes around some of our professional personas and can help people to address the elephant in the room and the really difficult things to come to new insights about their organisation."

    Simon Confino
    Simon Confino Attendee at Identity Landscaping session
  • "It was interesting, it was fun, and the richness of information that we got in such a short space of time was great."

    Ayesha Murray
    Ayesha Murray Executive Coach and attendee at Identity Landscaping session
  • "I learnt a tonne! The tools that they used broke the ice for me. I didn't think that at any stage i felt uncomfortable saying what I needed to say.  It was really a great day."

    Raphael Samovich
    Raphael Samovich Workshop attendee
  • "The exercises that we did were thoroughly enjoyable and it's opened my mind up to other possibilities. What they presented with image metaphors and using a map to help work out spatial relationships and tensions between teams was such a straight forward but incredibly effective concept so I was very impressed."

    Clare Levi
    Clare Levi Workshop attendee
  • "Sandie has an inimitable style that combines razor-sharp focus, an open and curious mind, a critical eye, and an ability to see to the detail while maintaining the big picture. The output was nothing short of excellent."

    Marcia Murphy (Former) Head of OD and Change at British Airways
  • "I love the work that Susie and Sandie have put together, I think it opened up a lot of things and a lot for me to go away and think about. Their work about identity and landscaping it's just so different but I feel it's so practical and can be used by lots of people and I actually really intrigued about it."

    Mira Patel
    Mira Patel Workshop attendee
  • "Sandie is a joy to work with because of her excellent delivery standards and her approachable and friendly disposition. Sandie’s ability to understand people’s mind-set and how to tell a story or position information to have maximum impact was a critical success factor on our project."

    Laura Nailor Global IT Innovation E-Commerce Manager at Unilever
  • "We’ve achieved more today to bond as a team than we have in the last four months as a new unit."

    Delegate New Ways of Working workshop
  • "The most deep and rich conversation I’ve had with my colleagues in years."

    Delegate From our leadership development programmes
  • "Making Change Happen created a positive and safe space in which to think about those issues and left the participants energised. After the session we were all found ourselves more focussed on the positive possibilities and on how to talk about them."

    Duncan Sagar Organisational culture lead, House of Lords

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