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Making Change Happen is a collective of psychologists and change agents. We are specialists in helping organisations create the people change they need to meet today’s challenges.

We focus on introducing new mindsets and behaviours fit for a new world of work. In short, we teach a different way of thinking, and help make teams the best they can be.

I am Sandie Bakowski, an organisational psychologist and founder of Making Change Happen. As a collective we work as connectors and outside eyes for your organisation. We use storytelling and engagement to connect your people with new ways of working.

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How we think

How do modern leaders create the right conditions for collaboration and teamwork?

If 90% of what we do is influenced by our subconscious, it’s important to unpick the mental models that used to serve us before implementing organisational change.

If your teams need to embrace new workplace changes and you’d like to know more about how we can help, get in touch. 

How we think has the biggest influence on employee behaviour


In business, change of any kind can be tough. There’s a lot of psychology involved in getting it right, and getting your people to buy in to it. We pride ourselves on being a different type of transformation partner, because all the work we do with clients is to help us understand you better.

Supporting Organisational Change

We help organisations find new identities, ways of thinking and practices to support a new world of work. Supporting leaders and teams transition from old ways to new. 

Creating Healthy Team Cultures

Healthy cultures are full of curiosity, trust, psychological safety, inclusivity, creativity and humble leadership.  We help organisations create safe and inclusive cultures where teams thrive.

Unleashing the Power of Teams

Today, diverse teams need to work together to find creative solutions to complex problems. We help teams (and bosses) adjust to that change. Equipping them with new models of leadership, teamwork and participation. 

Start with your people and how they think


Give your team space to learn new behaviours and skills in our workshops. Single workshops focus on a particular outcome or slot them together for a more complex change journey. These can be held in your offices or off-site.


Research at Google finds psychological safety key to a successful team. When teams feel empowered to speak up and give feedback, they find creative solutions to complex problems. Our experience in this area has led us to develop a specialist toolkit to help nurture teams like yours.


Is your team ready for change? Our Team Chemistry Tool is a fun, but highly intuitive survey which analyses your team’s current strengths and weaknesses. Once we understand your team we create a plan to make change happen, ensuring effort is invested in the right places.

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