Who we are

Everyone in Making Change Happen already has their own company and specialism. We’re a collection of psychologists and subject matter experts who have a long track record of helping organisations with change. Backed up by a diverse network of talented people – designers, writers, creatives, psychologists and change practitioners. Together we hold all the pieces of the people-change jigsaw.

The psychologists


Organisational psychologist and founder of Making Change Happen

Sandie is the founder of Making Change Happen. She is an organisational psychologist, a Co-Active coach and a cultural architect. Specialising in the social and collective aspects of work and how to use that to create thriving workplaces. She has advised many clients on people change including British Airways, Unilever, the Department for Education, Pearson, and the Cabinet Office.


Business psychologist 

Katharina leads the Team Chemistry and Psychological Safety workshops. She is a business psychologist and specialises in helping companies to decipher and understand their employees’ behaviours and motivations, to co-develop approaches and solutions to increase employee engagement and well-being. She’s the Managing Director of Innovationbubble.


Applied social psychologist

Susie is an applied psychologist and is one of the leads on our Identity Landscaping workshops.  She offers psychological coaching for individuals, groups and teams. Drawing on her 20 years as a behavioural science researcher for the UK government in defence and security, and her doctoral research exploring the relationship between social identity and resilience among refugee communities, Susie specialises in interpersonal influence, social identity and resilience.


Wellbeing, resilience and trauma psychologist 

Mandy is our Wellbeing lead. Mandy is a psychologist and counsellor who specialises in organisational trauma, resilience and mental health. She has worked with employees affected by 911 and the Manchester bombings. She works with senior leaders in creating a culture that promotes emotional resilience and positive mental health. She was head of trauma and resilience at the EAP for BA [called Validium].

The subject matter experts


Language guru

Anya is our language guru and works on our Change Narrative sessions. She has spent her career working with words. First at The Writer then at KPMG as their Language Guru, teaching their teams how to change their language to have more influence and impact.


Story maker

Fiona has spent over 15 years developing and refining narrative and story techniques; she adds a Storytelling component to our workshops. She’s a named patent holder for story-based organisational assessment method at IBM, and has designed and delivered leadership development programs for the US Federal Government.


Change management coach

Sass leads our Implementing Change workshops. She is a  certified change management specialist and coach who transforms organisations by focusing on its people. With 20 years in publishing and media, and a strong background in delivering business transformation and process, she helps organisations identify and meet ambitious goals.


Personal impact coach

Jill is an internationally acclaimed coach and runs our Personal Impact workshops. She’s works in film and business. She is an associate coach at the London Business School and has been adjunct professor at Yale University. In film she’s worked with Meryl Streep, Donald Sutherland, Keira Knightley, Judi Dench and many others.


Executive coach and language architect

Nicola Pitt leads our Language Impact workshops. She is an executive coach, trainer specialising in team dynamics, mental health & the power of language in the workplace. A physiotherapist by background, who worked with mental health and torture victims, Nicola brings her clinical expertise alongside her work as an NLP Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist to enable managers and leaders to reach their potential.


Team/executive coach and D&I

Vicky helps organisations with organisational strategy, business models and team/individual leadership approaches and is co-founder of Ways of Working Labs (WOW Labs).  Vicky is director for The Association of Sustainability Practitioners and guest lecturer @ Cambridge Judge Business School – CISL- Programme for Sustainability Leadership (Authenticity in Leadership and Personal Resilience).  Executive Coach: ACA ILM Level 7 Cert in Executive Coaching & Mentoring and an Aspire Foundation Mentor for women in business.


Delivery manager

It’s Tara’s job to make sure our relationships with our clients run like clockwork. And that we deliver everything we say we will.

The creatives


Multimedia producer 

Meriton is a multimedia producer with in-depth knowledge of audio-visual practices and technologies. He is a visual storyteller, creating high-quality and impactful media products for diverse clients and audiences. His portfolio includes working with creative agencies, TV broadcasters, the United Nations and UK government departments.



Antony is one of our designers, and his creativity and keen eye for detail helps us to visualise our messages effectively. Antony’s delivered digital, print and audio/visual products to both internal and external audiences for a number of public sector audiences over the last fifteen years.



Fiona is our resident writer. With her background in journalism and experience within the creative industries, Fiona has been writing digital content for over 12 years and quite enjoys making a living from putting the right words in the right order.



Catherine is our visual note taker, helping us make serious topics feel a lot less scary. She has been working with businesses independently since 2012, creating live drawings, animations and rich pictures for events around the world.  Catherine has her own website and you can see more of her work here.

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