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Everyone in Making Change Happen already has their own company and specialism. We’re a collection of change agents, coaches and psychologists who have a long track record of helping organisations with change. So together we hold all the pieces of the people-change jigsaw. And we’re backed up by a diverse network of talented people – designers, writers, creatives, psychologists and change practitioners.


Organisational psychologist

Sandie’s an organisational psychologist (which means she specialises in the scientific study of human behaviour in the workplace), a Co-Active coach and cultural architect. She helps organisations with cultural analysis, narrative and employee engagement. Sandie will be your first point of contact when you get in touch with us.


Psychologist and resilience coach 

Mandy supports teams with mental health, resilience, wellbeing and the human aspects of business continuity. She’s the co-founder of Mandy-Rutter Consultancy.


Team/executive coach and D&I

Vicky specialises in helping teams adopt new mindsets, practices, organisational models and norms. She’s a team/executive coach and advocate for diversity and inclusion (D&I). She’s also the co-founder of WOW Labs.


Impact & Leadership Coach

Jill trains business people to increase their personal presence and the impact they have on others through body language, posture and vocal work. She’s a specialist dialect coach and works with actors including Meryl Streep, Javier Bardem, Dame Vanessa Redgrave and Dame Maggie Smith. Jill was an adjunct professor at Yale University and is currently an associate coach at London Business School.


Cultural architect and story maker

Fiona helps teams design cultures grounded in belonging, connection and participation. She’s the Founder of Thrive.


Creative business consultant and executive coach

Alex works with organisations, teams and leaders to understand and tell the stories that shape their strategies and guide their actions. She’s the co-founder of Truth & Spectacle.


Digital transformation coach

Lucia is a highly respected team coach who regularly speaks at conferences on digital transformation, lectures for the Digital Masters Programme and is co-founder of the 10 Digital Ladies network. She helps organisations realise the value of their digital investments by teaching them how to remove the people obstacles that often get in the way.


Delivery manager

It’s Tara’s job to make sure our relationships with our clients run like clockwork. And that we deliver everything we say we will.


Writer & editor

Emma specialises in injecting warmth and humanity into dry and robotic corporate copy, and turning it into something people actually want to read. She can spot a misused compound adjective or a comma splice a mile off, and helps organisations in all areas of business with their words, including EDF Energy, KPMG and BT.

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