What we do

We help organisations with culture and behaviour change, delivering workshops, coaching and consultancy assignments in each of the following three areas:

Team Safety


Resetting that mental muscle about how to think and feel about work.

Mindset – Helping leaders transition from old established cultures, norms and practices to the new leadership paradigms.

Purpose  – Working with organisations to turn purpose and intention into a meaningful experience for employees.

Storytelling and change – Converting organisational and team intent into a story and narrative that employees can see themselves within.

Team Health

Team Health

Creating the safe inclusive place for teams to thrive.

Participation – We help build a teaming culture, giving permission to non-hierarchical participation.

Psychological safety – We help transition teams to a culture with permission in place for people to default to being brave and speaking up.

Resilience and wellbeing – Having a culture that helps teams be resilient in times of constant change is a crucial component of a successful team.


Team Practices

Moving teams from old ways of working to new with particular attention to:

Meetings – Helping teams work out what they need for a new world of work.

Decision Making – Rethinking just how many people really need to make a decision.

Information Sharing – Finding ways to improve decision making through better information sharing.

We deliver these through employee learning journeys, storytelling, experiments, teamwork and away days.

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