Testing your team’s chemistry

By looking at the behaviours at play in your team’s day-to-day interactions, we can help you identify their strengths and weaknesses. We do this using a combination of online and face-to-face techniques (developed with our friends at InnovationBubble) to assess them in four key areas that high-performing teams excel in. They are:

1.  emotional connect

2.  psychological safety

3.  team wellbeing

4.  readiness for change

How does it work?

Team Chemistry-Test

1.  Survey

Each team member fills in an online survey. It asks some easy ‘gut-feel’ type questions, using pictures and words.

Why? The answers help us learn about people’s perception of the culture at play within their team.

2. Analyse

We collate the scores from the survey, then put on our white psychologists’ coats to analyse the findings.

Why? We look for the patterns and behaviours across the four areas mentioned above.

3. Discuss

We run a half-day workshop with your team where we work through the insights from the survey and our analysis. We’ll create a safe space to hold up a mirror to behaviours that might not have changed in years.

Why? The team gets to have conversations about how they want to work together in the future, and find new ways to do that.

4. Report

We’ll put together a detailed report of our findings to create scores for the four categories.

Why? The report will give your people concrete numbers to measure their future progress against. So you’ll be able to see where things are getting better, and any areas that still need more work.

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