Understanding team health

Have you ever wondered how to measure the culture of your team?

Our Team Chemistry Tool combined with our focus groups, diagnose the behaviours at play in your team.  We help you understand what you need to do to improve employee engagement. 

The tool has been designed to work at a team level to offer measurable insights that will inform a team about what is needed to create a thriving team culture. Allowing teams to focus their change effort precisely on the areas that will make a difference. The four key dimensions the tool measures, that research has shown are crucial for successful teams are:

  • Psychological safety – The extent to which a team feels safe to speak up and contribute ideas
  • Team wellbeing – The team’s psychological happiness. 
  • Team resilience – How the team will react to change. 
  • Emotional connect – Their emotional connection with the organisation. 

How does it work?


1.  Survey Team

We start by collecting data through each team member completing a relaxed online survey that is based on the latest behavioural research. It asks some easy ‘gut-feel’ type questions using a combination of pictures and words. This gives us our starting point for change.

Why? The answers help us learn about people’s perception of the culture within their team and this is important because it may not align with how you see the team’s culture.

Team Chemistry

2. Analyse Data

We collate the scores from the survey, then put on our white psychologists’ coats to analyse the findings. 

Why? We look for the patterns, correlations and behaviours across the four main dimensions and fifteen sub dimensions measured.

Happy Trio

3. Findings and focus groups

The Team Chemistry report is the start of your journey. We will talk through the findings with you, discussing our recommendations based on the themes that come up from the data.

It is from here that the focus groups, led by our qualified psychologists, help you to get more insight about the survey data. Further insights and suggestions will come directly from conversations with your team.

Starting Point

4. A Starting Point

Our analysis gives you a starting point. This means you have the data to track improvements of your team’s chemistry using valuable metrics. We know that measuring people change is difficult. This is why our tool gives you a baseline to measure how effective interventions have been.

Let’s start with a game

To get you talking about your team culture

We’ve developed a free game for you to play with your team. It gives you an idea of the very different style of assessment methods you can expect with our Team Chemistry Tool. It shows you how we use images to reveal so much more than just questions can. The game is a bit like the trailer for a movie, giving you a taste of what to expect from the bigger Team Chemistry process.

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