Creating empowered teams

Have you ever wondered how to measure the culture of your team?

Team Chemistry

Our Team Chemistry Tool diagnoses the current behaviours at play in teams. It scores the team as a whole along four key dimensions we know are crucial for empowered teams.

We measure:

  • Psychological safety
    The extent to which a team feels safe to speak up and contribute ideas
  • Team wellbeing
    The team’s psychological happiness. 
  • Readiness for change
    How the team will react to change. 
  • Emotional connect
    Their emotional connection with the organisation. 

Each team member completes the psychologically validated Team Chemistry Tool. Data is analysed by Making Change Happen and we report back on where you are in each of the four areas under 15 key dimensions. This means you can focus your efforts on what actually needs to change rather than working on everything.


How does it work?


1.  Survey Team

We start by collecting data by each team member completing a relaxed (but highly scientific) online survey. It asks some easy ‘gut-feel’ type questions using a combination of pictures and words. This gives us our starting point for change.

Why? The answers help us learn about people’s perception of the culture within their team and this is important because it may not align with how you see the team’s culture.

Team Chemistry

2. Analyse Findings

We collate the scores from the survey, then put on our white psychologists’ coats to analyse the findings. 

Why? We look for the patterns and behaviours across the four dimensions measured.

Happy Trio

3. Discuss and Agree Actions

The diagnostic report is the start of your journey. We talk through the findings with you during a one-hour support call where we also discuss what are sensible next steps based on the themes that come up from the date. Our recommendations give you an informed viewpoint so you can target the right areas that need the focus.

Starting Point

4. A Starting Point

Our analysis gives you a starting point. This means you have the data to track improvements of your team’s chemistry using valuable metrics. We know that measuring people change is difficult. This is why our tool gives you a baseline to measure how effective interventions have been.

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We’ve developed a free game for you to play with your team. It gives you an idea of what you can expect with our Team Chemistry Tool. It’s a bit like seeing a trailer for a movie. It gives you enough to make you curious and spark conversations but it won’t tell you the whole story as our Team Chemistry Tool does.

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