Online Workshops


At Making Change Happen we combine the best of virtual and face-to-face delivery to create an impactful learning experience. We have six core areas that work well online for shared team learning:

Team chemistry

1. Diagnosing your Team Chemistry

Helps teams understand their team profile and what they need to do to build a more open, collaborative and psychologically safe team.

MCH Identity landscaping

2. Identity landscaping and narrative

By thinking about your organisation as a landscape, we help you explore the key identities that shape the nature and direction of your business.  By seeing change through their eyes you can create greater engagement with it.

MCH - Psych Safety

3. Creating psychological safety

Reset team behaviours to get the most from all voices, delivering greater innovation and team working.

MCH- wellbeing

4. Supporting team resilience and wellbeing

For teams which have gone through a traumatic change, are under more pressure than usual or just need some extra help.

Understanding language

5. Understanding the Impact of Language

Understanding further the ground-breaking power of language and its impact on culture and team behaviour.

MCH - New work practices

6. Introducing new work practices

Using bite-sized experiments designed and run by your people to help you create real change.

Depending on your needs, we can run single sessions or combine the modules into a training curriculum that helps your team adopt new ways of working. We use videos, remote learning, online coaching, webinars, retrospectives and surgery sessions to create exciting and impactful learning experiences for teams. It’s amazing what can be done when you have the know-how.


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Our virtual working guide

Our free guide helps teams transition from an office-based way of work to virtual or remote working. Within the guide, we cover 12 helpful tips so that you can help your team get on board in the right way. We’ve written this from across the collective, ensuring we offer advice on building resilience and wellbeing as well as creating good team practices when teams start working remotely. We hope you like it. 


12 tips on working virtually


To help transition from office to home working

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