Measure team behaviours

Measure your team’s culture, create a road map for change

Our measurement tools diagnose the behaviours at play in your team. Helping you know where to start on your change journey.

Our measurement tools give your teams the data they need to create a thriving team culture. Allowing teams to focus on the areas of change that will make the biggest difference. We measure two areas of team life: 


Measuring transformative behaviours

We measure the behaviours that support teams to work together and find creative solutions to complex challenges such as sustainability, climate change and innovation.


1. Sense of the team

2. Sustainability awareness

3. Connections

4. Psychological safety

5. Resilience

6. Curiosity


Measuring team health

For teams who need to look at how they work together and support each other. This tool allows us to collect quantitative data on the psychological health and wellbeing of the team.


1. Psychological safety

2. Team wellbeing

3. Team Resilience

4. Emotional connection

How we do this

Team Health

Step 1


Our tools measure ‘the way we do things around here’.  These are the aspects of groups that make us behave as we do; determining when we speak up, when we feel supported, and when we go the extra mile.


Why? Many traditional approaches focus on the traits of individuals in a team. However, the groups we identify with have the greatest influence on our behaviours. Which is why all our measures look at what’s happening at a group level.

Step 2


Our approach uses the latest innovative techniques to look at the group dynamics across and within teams. We combine artificial intelligence driven platforms with quantitative measures and linguistic analysis. This builds a picture of the group identities in your organisation and how they work alongside each other. What it means to be part of each team and what behaviours are embedded within each group identity.

Happy Trio

Why? Techniques such as linguistic analysis and questions specifically designed to look at group reactions are a better way to help teams see the forces at play within an organisation. The forces that really influence what people do.

Step 3


Our analysis and feedback gives you a solid and informed starting point based on real data. Giving organisations the foundations they need to really influence change.

Starting point, Making change happen, Team Chemistry

Why? Measuring people change is difficult. This is why our measurement approaches give you a solid behavioural baseline to measure where you are now, what areas need work and to track progress as you go.

Our measurement tools

Our quantitative tools have been developed in conjunction with our friends at Innovation Bubble, a behavioural insights consultancy who are highly experienced in the use of online tools to unveil conscious and unconscious drivers of behaviour.  Get a taste of how we do this through the sign up here

Our unique questions use a qualitative platform that combines Artificial Intelligence and NLP to quickly analyse and organise responses in real time. Allowing us to understand responses of up to 2000 people within 60 minutes.  

The questions we ask for team’s looking to adopt more transformative behaviours have been derived from a literature review of 100+ academic papers on sustainability, transformation and social identity to determine which behaviours are needed in teams tasked with change. 

All our psychologists and measures adhere to British Psychological Society guidelines. 

Let’s start with a game

To get you talking about your team culture

We’ve developed a free game for you to play with your team. It gives you an idea of the very different style of assessment methods you can expect with our Team Chemistry Tool. It shows you how we use images to reveal so much more than just questions can. The game is a bit like the trailer for a movie, giving you a taste of what to expect from the bigger Team Chemistry process.

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