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Our workshops use a very special building block approach, so you and your team can choose how you proceed. The workshops can be slotted together in different combinations to meet your exact needs. You direct the programme’s structure to meet your needs; we provide specific expert help.  

Acting as a team of impartial outside eyes, Making Change Happen gives space for teams to reflect on the work culture and behaviours that shape what they do. Regular reflection allows for amendments or improvements to ways of working. Our experts will enable safe but candid examinations of work practices and guide discussion and transformation.

Below are individual pages for each workshop or you can register your interest for a downloadable workshop guide that will help you determine the right combination of workshops to address your particular needs.

Our shifting thinking workshops

Without work on mindsets,  people are like elastic bands and will pull back to old habits and mindsets. If you really want to make change happen, we recommend starting with mindset change before moving on to the second set of ‘How we work’ workshops. Our shifting thinking sessions are listed below:

Getting started day

getting started day

A great starting point if you’re looking to establish a strong foundation of trust for further change work.

Team Chemistry

Team chemistry day

Help teams understand their team profile and what they need to do to build a more open, collaborative & psychologically safe team.

Identity Landscaping

Identity Landscaping

By thinking about your organisation as a landscape, we can help you explore the key identities that shape the nature and direction of your business.

Change Narrative

Change Narrative workshop

By understanding the different employee groups in your organisation and seeing change through their eyes you can create greater engagement with change.

Implementing change

Implementing Change

By spending the day learning about how others have managed change
you set your change team up for maximum success.

Our new ways of working workshops

Once minds have been opened to the need for change we can start to move on to teaching new practices, skills and ways of working. The workshops below introduce new ways of working.

psych safety

Creating psychological safety

By taking the time to reset team behaviours, teams can learn to get the most from all voices, delivering greater innovation and team working.

Team wellbeing

Team Wellbeing day

For teams which have gone through traumatic change, are under more pressure than usual or just need some extra help.

Impact of language

Impact of language day

These workshops allow senior manager, leaders & team members to understand further the ground-breaking power of language. 

Team impact workshop

Personal impact day

Helping leaders understand the effects they have on others.

How we work day

how we work day

Bite-sized experiments designed and run by your people to help you create real change.

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