Learning Workshops

Our suite of learning workshops give teams the space to learn new behaviours and skills.

Learning workshops can be slotted together or run individually.

Below is a typical combination of workshops that can be run over an extended period to create behaviour change in teams.

getting started day

A session to get to know the team and to think about what they want and need to be in a new world of work.

Leadership Impact

Exploring the impact that the leaders have and how that shapes the culture in their teams.

Team Chemistry

Determining the current levels of psychological safety to understand what is needed to create the target culture.

How We Work day

Looking at practices around decision making, meetings and information sharing and how they need to change to support the target culture. 

Agile leadership Bootcamp

Introducing practical ways to get the best of agile working, and increase the impact of digital initiatives.

Team Wellbeing day

Tailored to each team’s needs, this is a day of conversation and support looking at repair, recovery and reconnection.

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