Understand Group Identities


Shifting mindsets, norms, behaviours and practices


Our identity landscaping approach uses social identity thinking to reveal how the group identities in your organisation influence behaviours.

Behaviours are shaped by the unwritten rules of the groups we belong to, which is at the very heart of our identity landscaping approach to behaviour change.  Helping teams see the connections across their organisation and how they can use that insight to successfully influence teams towards new behaviours.  

Our team based approach to change help teams to:

  • Understand how group identities influence relations between teams. 
  • Replace silo-driven behaviours with collaborative team based practices.
  • Embracing inclusivity and space for different workplace identities and ways of being.

How it works

Our approach uses a map to explore through group conversations, a team’s ‘identity landscape’. Revealing the challenges sit within it and discussing how the team needs to change. Sessions can be run either in person with a big map on a table, or online with a digital map and icons that are moved around a screen. Using metaphor, symbolism and placement to allow us to dig deep into the invisible bonds and interactions across teams.

This approach covers a lot of ground very quickly. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what delegates say from an offsite team building day we ran, to help the team think differently about change.


Want to find out more?

This approach opens the door to new behaviours and social norms. It is led by Susie Ballentyne, an applied psychologist and Sandie Bakowski, an organisation psychologist. Both specialise in using social identity to help teams.

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