Identity Landscaping:


Shifting mindsets, behaviours and social norms


Discover the invisible bonds that bind, define and influence your business

To change behaviours you need to change the way your people think about work. Organisations are spending millions on change without working on the social norms that drive behaviours. You see, people are like elastic bands and will pull back to old habits and mindsets unless you take the time to change the way they think.
Our identity landscaping approach helps with that. It lets organisations see the group norms that shape their work culture, giving teams the clarity they need to reset themselves for a different world of work. Therefore, they create the change they need.

Helping build empathy into teams


Our identity landscaping approach draws on the latest research in Social Identity theory. It helps organisations build the empathy needed to open the door to greater collaboration, understanding and teamwork.

Our approach is delivered through workshop sessions where we guide teams to build a map of their social landscape now and in the future to see what it can tell them.

Identity Landscaping

Our focus is on:

  • Getting teams to behave differently towards each other
  • Increasing  empathy across the teams 
  • Removing the walls that vertical silos put up
  • Embracing inclusivity and allowing space for different workplace identities and ways of being
  • Resetting social norms 

This new and innovative approach helps organisations see the invisible bonds that bind, define and influence their business.  Using a map to stimulate conversations about what their ‘landscape’ is, how the team works with other teams, what challenges sit within the landscape, and how the team needs to change. 

This workshop opens the door to new behaviours and social norms. It is led by Susie Ballentyne, an applied psychologist and Sandie Bakowski, an organisation psychologist. Both specialise in using social identity to help teams.

Finding out more

Our approach uses a one or two day workshop or retreat, to help teams learn how to see their organisation as a landscape, exploring the key identities that shape the business.  To find out more, sign up below and we’ll send you our Guide to Identity Landscaping. Then when you are ready we’ll arrange a free, no strings 30-minute call to find out more about your need. We’re looking forward to talking more. 


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