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We’ve interviewed over 35 senior leaders from cross-industry organisations to understand the tools teams need to become more sustainable.

Our research will equip teams with the mindset and practises of positive behaviours that result in high performance, innovative thinking, and the ability to adapt to our changing world. We want to share these findings with you so we can help more UK companies hire and retain thriving teams.

Be the first to know how you can use our research to rebuild your teams in a post-Covid world.


Be the first to know

COVID gives us an opportunity to reset and rebuild new team behaviours

Founded in social identity
Creating sustainability



Funded research has helped us understand where organisations are now

Our team of academic researchers, psychologists, and specialist experts are building three tools to help businesses build sustainable teams who can adapt and thrive under change.

By embedding these behaviours now, we make a difference that will have a positive impact on the future.


1. Measurement framework

Pinpoint where you are on the behaviours that create thriving teams.


2. Maturity model

Understand your position on the change journey and provide a roadmap to your end goal.


3. Toolkit

A behaviour change toolkit to create thriving teams, based on academic research.

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