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Creating collaborative team cultures

We help organisations create collaborative team cultures, and that’s it. That’s really what we do in a nutshell. Equipping them with the behaviours they need to solve problems in an inclusive, collaborative and sustainable way.

Our behaviour change curriculum

Step 1


What is the change you want to see in teams?

First we need to be clear on where you are aiming and the change you want to create. 

Sustainability means different things to different people and each team their own contribution to make. It may be environmental factors, it will certainly be prosocial – which is considering the human implications of our actions. Or it may be looking at increased use of automation or digital technologies and how to take people with you. 

We adjust the curriculum to meet your exact needs. Tailoring the factors we measure and the course content to get you to the target team behaviours that will bring your purpose statement to life. 

Step 2


Diagnose where your culture is against our 6 factors

Next we build a picture of where your team is now. We work with you to select the most appropriate measurement tools to match your behaviour change needs. Using a mix of quantitative and qualitative techniques we collect data around the particular behavioural challenge you face.

  • The sense of the team: A strong team affiliation and connection with the organisation’s purpose and their own team
  • Sustainability awareness: The mindset, values and practices to meet sustainability challenges.
  • Curiosity: Being tolerant, open and receptive to novel ideas
  • Connections: Able to collaborate openly across the teams.
  • Psychological safety: The non-judgmental team environment to drive innovation.
  • Resilience: Able to handle change successfully: encouraging, welcoming and celebrating change

Step 3


Team experiments, sprints and coaching to integrate new practices into team life.

Our online curriculum introduces leaders and teams to the behaviours that research shows are vital for collaborative working. Allowing delegates to experiment with new concepts and language in a safe environment that offers flexibility and time to embed new thinking.

Our interactive online curriculum creates a distinct team space for creative thinking, where they can explore team behaviours and norms whilst building trust as a team. 

Step 4


Team experiments, sprints and coaching to integrate new practices into team life

With our Team Coaching sessions we turn good intentions into team practices, unpicking many of the bad habits that organisations have forgotten to let go of. Our team coaching work with teams focuses on how teams learn, communicate and make decisions, building on the psychological foundations that have been established in the online curriculum. 

The team coaching sessions help teams identify practices that are no longer helping them and introduce better collaboration versions of broken team practices. We do this in a way that gets the team working together through team discussions and practical experiments –  as far away from classroom training as we can get.

Tailored to your needs

Our behaviour change curriculum can be tailored to meet a team’s exact needs. Delivered in a completely flexible way that combines creative online learning with team conversations and practical teamwork. All delivered by psychologists, expert coaches and course tutors who ensure that teams are building trust and having fun whilst they learn. Which helps us make new behaviours stick at that deeper habitual level.

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