Psychological safety

Creating a culture that enables great team working


Psychological safety creates a culture that allows teams to innovate, come forward with ideas, and to say when they see something not working. A set of norms that are very different to looking to the boss for all the answers. 

Psychological safety changes from team to team, you can feel it when you move between teams – how the vibe changes. We work with teams to understand where they are at now, using our tool to measure four cultural dimensions. And then we work with teams through learning days to help them build the new team based culture they need. See the video below where Katharina explains what psychological safety is. And then below for a bit more on how we help your team start the right conversations.

An introduction to Psychological Safety

How we help

We help unleash the power of diverse thinking in your organisation so people can speak their minds, give feedback and come up with creative ideas to complex problems.  Leading to greater innovation, more creativity, more learning, higher levels of trust, and less hiding of mistakes. 

Our sessions introduce teams to the concept of psychological safety and how it can enable great team working. Using a relaxed format to encourage open conversations, and create trust in new ways of doing things.

We take teams through such topics as:

  • What psychological safety is and how it can help 
  • Where they are and where change is needed
  • New behaviours and new working practices 
  • Agreeing individual commitments

It’s important to get started with the right conversations, to help you do this we have a free video at the bottom of this page.

Helping your team reach their full potential

We have a range of tools and workshops that can help change your tick-box culture into one that brings out your teams full potential.

Team Chemistry Report


Our Team Chemistry tool assesses the team culture providing actual measures against four key dimensions for team work:

  • Psychological safety
    The extent to which a team feels safe to speak up and contribute ideas
  • Team wellbeing
    The team’s psychological happiness. 
  • Readiness for change
    How the team will react to change. 
  • Emotional connect
    Their emotional connection with the organisation.

It is vital to measure what is going on in a team before you start trying to change behaviours. And our Team Chemistry tool does that. It equips your team with a measure of where their culture is now. Which is the building block for any conversation about what changes to make. A much smarter and cost effective way to approach change. Where ROI can be tracked.

Psych Safety Play mat


Once we understand the psychological profile of your team, we can advise on the best next steps to meet your need. Our diverse skill set in people change means that we have a series of workshop options. Where we work with your teams teaching them exactly what is needed, to create a culture that allows them to be the best they can. Our workshops offer safe and fun spaces to dig deep into the behaviours of the team. 

While the team are learning, we are busy analysing and documenting, creating a team canvas that records the new behaviours and practices the team want to adopt. Everyone leaves with a plan to put into action. 

Psych Safety Cards


We also create psychological safety toolkits to help organisations embed the messages after the workshop has finished. These toolkits are designed to help managers, team leaders and teams feel confident about psychological safety. Equipping them with the tools to start conversations about how the organisation can create a culture of psychological safety.

These kits can include videos, play mats, our 12 tip cards, group exercises, or custom designed tools.  In each case we’ll work with you and the budget you have to find a great solution.

Want to know more?

Each team is unique and we’d love to talk to your more about where your team is. To give you a taste of what it’s like working with us, we have shared the first video from a set of 12 tips to help team leaders introduce psychological safety into teams. Just one of a number of possible tools we use with teams.  The videos works as a conversation starter, getting teams thinking about what psychological safety is. And when you sign up for more information using the box below, we will send you some tips to help you get that conversation started.

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