Creating Thriving Teams

How to nurture an empowered culture by introducing your team to the factor shown to create high performing teams.

Psychological safety. 

We help you to unleash the power of diverse thinking in your organisation, so people can speak openly to come up with creative ideas to complex problems.

We are passionate about creating thriving teams. Psychological Safety has been shown to be the main differentiating factor in high performing teams however, many organisations have never heard of it. We want to fix that. Psychological safety is present when a team feels empowered to innovate, to come forward with ideas, and to say when they see something not working. We help teams learn what psychological safety is and how it helps. We then introduce ways of working which will nurture a culture that truly empowers teams. 

How we help your team reach their full potential

Team Chemistry Report

1.   We measure where you are 

Our Team Chemistry process assesses team culture, providing actual measures against four key dimensions for team work:

  • Psychological safety
    The extent to which a team feels safe to speak up and contribute ideas
  • Team wellbeing
    The team’s psychological happiness. 
  • Readiness for change
    How the team will react to change. 
  • Emotional connect
    Their emotional connection with the organisation.

The Team Chemistry process equips your team with a measure of where its culture is now. This is the starting point for any conversation about what changes to make. It is a smarter and more cost effective way to approach change. Where ROI can be tracked. To find out more click here


2.   We create new thinking

Once we understand the profile of your team, we can advise on the best next steps to create an empowered team culture. 

We use our toolkit of resources to implement a blended approach that works  for your needs and circumstances. We offer a combination of workshops, virtual learning sessions and our online school modules. All our approaches provide safe and fun spaces where teams can explore their behaviours. 

We lead your team towards the inclusive, innovative and collaborative culture they need.

Psych Safety Cards

3.   Change toolkits 

We can also create customised toolkits to help organisations embed the messages after the workshop has finished. These kits equip leaders with the tools to continue conversations about how the organisation can create a culture of psychological safety.

The kits can include online courses, videos, play mats, our 12 tip cards, group exercises, or custom designed tools.  In each case we’ll work with you and the budget you have to find an effective solution.

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