What we offer

Between us, we’ve been working with clients on people change for over 20 years. So we know from experience that you can’t just tell people to change. To make positive change happen you have to engage with how they feel. To help organisations do that, we listen. A lot. To both leaders and employees. Then we work as translators, using storytelling and engagement to connect employees to organisational strategy, whatever that may be.

There are three main areas we can help you with:


Mindset and Purpose

Resetting that mental muscle about how to think and feel about work.

New leadership – Helping leaders transition from old established cultures, norms and practices to the new leadership paradigms.

Purpose  – Working with organisations to turn purpose and intention into a meaningful experience for employees.

Storytelling and change – Converting organisational and team intent into a story and narrative that employees can see themselves within.


Ways of Working

Moving leaders, teams and employees from old behaviours to new.

Teaching new team practices  
We use attitudinal and behavioural research techniques to conduct a diagnostic to give us a clear picture of each team’s needs. We can then design a learning journey suited exactly to the team to teach them new ways of working for a digital age.


Team Health

Creating the safe inclusive place for teams to thrive.

Psychological safety – Teams are at their best when they feel safe to speak up, challenge and provide feedback.

Resilience and wellbeing – Having a culture that helps teams be resilient in times of constant change is a crucial component of a successful team.

Inclusivity – Fostering a truly inclusive culture requires more than unconscious bias training.

We deliver these through employee learning journeys, storytelling, experiments, teamwork and away days.

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