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  • Sandie is a joy to work with because of her excellent delivery standards and her approachable and friendly disposition. Sandie’s ability to understand people’s mind-set and how to tell a story or position information to have maximum impact was a critical success factor on the project. I would highly recommend her and look forward to working with Sandie in the future.

    Laura Nailor Global IT Innovation e-commerce manager at Unilever
  • Sandie brings with her an infectious enthusiasm, and the ability to help us step back by asking great questions as well as helping us see the funnier side when things are hard… On new system roll outs – the IT is the easy bit to deliver and Sandie has helped us with the hard bit – people adoption.

    Oliver Bradley Global eCommerce Experience Design Director at Unilever
  • Sandie is a highly skilled and pragmatic programme manager, which means that she doesn’t just come up with brilliant strategies, she ensures they are delivered and that the changes ‘stick’. If Sandie can’t ensure you achieve your programme goals then your strategy probably was rubbish to begin with – and she won’t let you employ a rubbish strategy as long as she’s on your team so that’s unlikely to happen.

    Julie Boddy Business & Technology Improvement Manager, British Airways
  • Sandie has an inimitable style that combines razor sharp focus, an open and curious mind, a critical eye, and an ability to see to the detail while maintaining the big picture. With endearing style she challenged us throughout, sometimes to the point of discomfort, and so made sure we stayed true to our aspirations. Importantly for me, she worked alongside my team and coached them throughout, so we also got great skill and knowledge transfer. The output was nothing short of excellent.

    Marcia Murphy Head of Organisation Development and Change, British Airways
  • Sandie is the best change manager I have worked with; she has excellent organizational skills plus an ability to identify what makes people tick & to plan accordingly.

    Steve Merriman Head of IT at Capita Insurance Services
  • Sandie was a rare beast in the civil service – she is an innovator. She was able to navigate the system well, and at times circumnavigate, in order to get some excellent results. With very limited resource she secured powerful support to allow the project to work and was always excellent to work with.

    Lord Jim Knight Minister of State for Employment and Welfare Reform, Department of Work and Pensions
  • Sandie brings enthusiasm and innovation to everything she does in a way that encourges those around her to go the extra mile or try a new approach. She is resourceful, flexible and focused on the outcome, able to adapt quickly to turn ideas into reality.

    Chris Chant Interim Digital CEO for HM Government, Cabinet Office
  • Sandie is a truly excellent project manager, she brings together very strong people skills with great organizational abilities and a very clear focus on delivery. Sandie is able to very quickly build consensus and use that to set clear milestones and ownership.

    Mark O’Neill ex CIO for DCLG and DCMS as well as founder for HM Skunkworks
  • Sandie is a seasoned business programme manager and consultant yet possesses the same clinical precision as a surgeon in terms of her approach. An absolute pleasure to work with – very intelligent, humorous and focussed.

    Keith Hackett Director, Intellego Health
  • Sandie is highly unusual in combining personal enthusiasm and inspiration with selfless network building and solid project management. Starter, connector, finisher. What a joy!

    David Wilcox Social Reporter
  • Sandie is a skilled relationship builder, and adept at spotting new opportunities to grow collaborative partnerships. In addition, Sandie is fun, energetic, knowledgeable and talented.

    Richard Stubbs Programme Director, NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

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